Cambridge Chemistry Challenge(C3L6)
Chemistry. | High School

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge (C3L6) Introduction Challenge Rules Requirements Sample Problems FAQ My Registration Learning Resources One of most prestigious Chemistry competition in the world Hosted by the Department of Chemistry and St. Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge Highly recommended Super-curricular … Read More

Girls in Math at Yale (GiM)
High School | Math.

Girls in Math at Yale (GiM) Introduction Rules Agenda Awards Scholarship Sample Problems FAQs 考试入口 Girls in Math at Yale (GiM) Date:March. 12th 2023(TBD), Online A math challenge for high school female students held by Yale University Cultivate a love … Read More

Physics Unlimited Explorer Competition (PUEC)
High School | Physics.

Physics Unlimited Explorer Competition (PUEC) Introduction Rules Registration Past Assignment FAQ An open-ended exploration organized by Physics Unlimited Contents are related to forefront of modern research Improve students’ logical thinking skills An international competition with global ranking Beneficial for applying … Read More

United Kingdom Mathematis Challenges (UKMT)
High School | Math. | math. | Middle School | Primary School

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Introduction Rules Regional consultant Learning Resources 考试入口 霸屏软件下载 United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) The UK’s most popular school Mathematical Challenges Over 700,000 participants all over the world annually Three levels suitable for different age groups … Read More

Senior Mathematical Challenge (SMC)
High School | Math.

Senior Mathematical Challenge (SMC) Introduction Promotion & Planning Competition Rules Registration Details FAQ 考试入口 霸屏软件下载 Senior Mathematical Challenge (SMC) The UK’s most popular school Mathematical Challenges Over 700,000 participants all over the world annually Suitable for students in grade 12 … Read More

National Science League
High School | Math & Programming. | Middle School | Primary School | Science. | Science.

National Science League Introduction NSL System Rules Awards Requirements FAQ 考试入口 Periodic Table of the Elements An all-ages STEM challenge for the U.S. K12 science teaching system 40+ years, 400+ American Schools, 30 thousand + students each year 10 difficulty … Read More

Continental Calculus League
High School | Math.

Continental Calculus League Introduction Rules Requirements FAQ 考试入口 The most popular Continental Calculus League in the United States 40+ years, 100+ schools, 5000+ students each year Global school rank, Prepare for AP Calculus, Math application advantage Students with full marks … Read More

Math Kangaroo
Math & Programming. | Math. | Primary School

Math Kangaroo Highlights Introduction Mission Participants Distribution Rules & Awards Academic Board Rural Support FAQs Score Inquiry&Certificates Download 2021 2020 Learning Resources Math Kangaroo The largest Youth Math challenge in the World 1个97 countries and regions participation1 MillionOver 6.3 million … Read More

American Computer Science League (ACSL)
computer science. | computer science. | High School | Math & Programming. | Middle School | Primary School

American Computer Science League (ACSL) Introduction Challenge Rules All Star Requirements Sample Problems FAQ Learning Resources 笔试入口/Written Exam Entry 编程入口/Programming Exam Entry One of the oldest computer science Challenges with 40 years of history Approved by the National Association of … Read More

Caribou Contests
High School | Math & Programming. | Math. | math. | Middle School | Primary School

Caribou Contests Introduction Rules Registration My Registration Instructions to Participants in Caribou Interactive Questions Past Papers Make a Purchase Access Code for past papers Instruction to past papers access code Exam Entry North American most influential challenge on campus Hosted … Read More